Commercial Virtual Power Plants

Intelligent Renewable Energy Systems that Harness The Power.

Power When You Need It Most

Our Commercial Virtual Power Plants provide a reliable overall power supply with Battery Energy Storage Systems.
Here's how.

Wind Turbines Vertical Axis

Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source for power generation in Australia, and ideal for energy storage systems. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines with their quiet operation, offer energy options and environmental benefits for farms and industries, urban and rural infrastructure developments, civic facilities, recreational precincts and regional emergency service and support centers – and a lot more. 

VAWTs are perfect to site amongst grazing cattle as they have an imperceptible noise level.
VAWTs well-sited in clearings provide sustainable power amidst wind turbulence of surrounding bushfires.

Refer to your location for daily wind averages here

Bucket lift during the installation process of a 3kW VAWT at the Ellinbank Smart Farm in Gippsland Victoria.

High-efficiency turbines need only a light breeze to start operating. Consider Melbourne’s average daily wind speed is 9-12kph. In Ballarat it’s 19 -22kph and Geelong 18-25kph. Gentle breeze, gust or gale, our turbines provide a valuable 24/7 energy boost.   

Battery Storage Systems

Various rack-mounted battery brands offer a range of power capacity, voltage, and amperage to suit all applications.
VAWTs keep the power on and batteries full at night while PV panels have a good sleep.

Our Battery Energy Storage Systems utilise the latest technology and are modular and stackable. You can future-proof your storage by adding multiple modules or racks  as you need. These batteries will automatically detect and link to each other through a Battery Management System (BMS) within each battery module.

Our new and greener applications include fast-charge and discharge Supercapacitor batteries, LiFePO4 and hybrid integration to improve capacity, power density, depth-of-discharge, round-trip efficiency and product lifespan.

Grid-connected systems may also take advantage of (TOU) Time Of Use tariffs as off-peak energy rates, to fill or top up storage for use during peak times.

Warranties are all fully backed by top-tier manufacturers. Surplus energy day or night enables better time and device management, added flexibility and freedom for important tasks.

Rural off-grid systems can add our wind turbines, smart hybrid inverter system and battery stacks to a PV solar panel installation. Combine these with our hybrid PV-turbine lighting systems around the property​ and you’re set for power.

No more things that go bump in the night!

Supercapacitor Storage Systems

Supercap wall-mount battery banks are streamlined for integration in residential and commercial environs with power-demanding appliances, reliability and rapid charge/discharge needs.
Supercapacitor Large-Scale Pouch Cells Storage with working temperature range -30°C to +60°C, life-span 25+ years, infinite scalability, short charge/discharge time and ultra-long cycle life.

Graphene supercapacitor batteries are technologically superior in many ways. Their high C rate performance from 2C- 6C provides a large and rapid power input and output. They give improved stability and efficiency to grid auxiliary services such as smoothing new energy or frequency regulation with thousands of cycle times under heavy loads.

With no pollution emissions, long cycle life, no thermal runaway risk, and reduced operational maintenance costs, graphene supercapacitors are the safest technology.

Supercapacitor batteries are capable of charging and discharging in temperatures as low as -50C while also performing at high temperatures of up to 65C.

Variable energy supply characteristics of solar and wind power generation, with balanced load demands, and differences in time-of-use, stability and quality of such power supply must be equal to, or greater than conventional grid power generation systems for individual or microgrid energy storage. Supercapacitors fulfill this.

Compared with other storage methods, supercapacitor batteries have major advantages including reliability and durability.

Energy Storage Modular Scale

ATD Branded BESS single 1.5MWH container example.

ATD Energy works with leading manufacturers in the supply of Distributed Energy Storage Systems. As portable or fixed installations, they give peace of mind when reliable power supply is an issue. Whether on or off-grid, rural or urban, industry or utilities, sports or recreation, emergency or support services, there are myriad applications that can utilise these containerised power plants as a temporary service or permanent installation.

These containerized energy storage systems are designed to deliver any power capacity at scale.

Various configurations using Supercapacitors and LiFePO4 interface with existing installations controlled via remote, intelligent energy management protocols. Power can be generated and stored when operations are not in use. This stored power can be redistributed.

Cutaway of a 40-foot ATD 1.5MWH Energy Storage Container
Cutaway of a 20-foot ATD Energy Storage Container

Size and capacity are scalable to match specific needs. Customized and built as turn-key modular systems in 40 or 20-foot containers, they are designed to facilitate future growth and increased energy demands. 

ATD Energy VPP 0.5MWH-Energy Storage Small Container
Bush and grass fires can take out ground-based solar PV but well-sited VAWTs and BESS can supplement power.
Small VAWT lighting towers supported by solar and batteries are ideal to illuminate off-grid environments as they are stand-alone systems that require no cabling and trenching.

Containerized Energy Storage Sytems can store and supply power to sustain critical business operations when storms, floods, and bushfire conditions interrupt supply from the grid.

Internal cutaway of an Altus 500 supercapacitor energy storage 40-foot container.

Utility Storage Super Capacitors

Supercapacitors have no risk of thermal runaway. Large storage sites can stack containers on smaller footprints.


Example of 5-blade, H-shape Vertical Axis WInd Turbines, with energy storage applications.
Thermal runaway of Lithium-ion Battery installations is extremely dangerous and can quickly spread to the entire storage site.

Super Capacitor Energy Storage Sytems DO NOT have thermal runaway issues as Lithium-ion Batteries do. Therefore the Supercap containers can be doubly stacked and in close adjacent proximity, to minimize the overall footprint of the installation site. With no fire hazard risk, they can be installed alongside buildings and other infrastructure.

Cost benefits of our Super Capacitor Energy Storage Systems (SCESS) are realized given that most available ESS in the market require their charge does not drop to less than 20% of their capacity. This means that 20% of the ESS is essentially a sunk cost or dead money.

Our Supercapacitors do not have this requirement, and therefore provide users with 100% usable power from their ESS, with no degradation over its entire expected life.

Hybrid Turbine Lighting Devices

Outdoor Lighting Systems with long-life, high efficiency LEDs light up any outdoor environment – large or small – urban, suburban and rural. The sensor-control lights can operate for days without a charge. They can be remotely programmed and monitored with their settings, sensors and illumination modified to suit conditions. No more counting sheep in the dark.

Light up your life.  Light up your farm, tighten security or glow in the dark with our hybrid solar-wind-battery powered lighting systems. Environmentally-friendly, each light is a stand-alone unit; no power cable connections or trenching. They operate in multiple configurations with safety, monitoring, motion-detection and operating duration. Simple, safe and secure.

Counting Sheep in the Dark
Vertical Axis Turbines (VAWTs) supplement Solar PV installations as they can generate power 24/7.
5-blade, H-shape-VAWT hybrid lighting for roads, tracks pathways, and bus stops.
5-blade, H-shape-VAWT hybrid lighting for Farm Gates

Hybrid Inverters

There is frequently the need to integrate systems for commercial, industrial and rural applications such as solar PV with wind and back-up diesel generators. With grid-connected or off-grid systems, a hybrid inverter is necessary to integrate and manage power to the load.

Inverters are a vital component for efficient energy management and distribution and not all offer the same capabilities.
Sermatec 5kW and 10kW Hybrid Inverter Range

The main function of these hybrid inverters is to realize and manage bidirectional energy transmission between AC grid energy, DC input and the energy of the battery storage system. As bidirectional converters, they can be adapted to various DC energy sources and storage units, as well as accept scheduling instructions.

These inverters absorb or supplement the energy peaks and troughs of the grid and provide reactive power to improve the power quality and economic benefits of the grid. In the event of a grid failure or power outage, they also have an independent networking power supply function to improve the power supply security of the load.

Their remote shutdown function is a critical protection primarily aimed at ensuring the integrity of the system under situations of extreme emergency, such as fire hazards. In Commercial & Industrial systems, it helps operators to enhance and consolidate the system control and maintain the comprehensive safety under challenging environments and conditions.

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