Hybrid Lighting Systems

Solar and Wind Turbine Lighting Systems

About Hybrid Solar Wind Turbine Lighting Systems. You may have heard about this relatively new idea called HSL or Hybrid Solar Lighting. These have their pros and cons as with any other purely solar-related system. Which is why we have gone two acronyms further to introduce the latest HSWTL systems – Hybrid Solar and Wind Turbine Lighting – naturally to generate power throughout an entire 24-hour period of gentle breeze.   

Our HSWTL lights coupled with battery storage in each device, stores energy derived from sunshine and wind generators. They are independent of the grid, require no trenching or cable inter-connection and can operate as sensor-controlled devices up to 15-days without further charging. Remote program monitoring also allows for additional CCTV surveillance and a USB charging station lower down. This gives us a uniquely new acronym – HSWTLCCTVUSB – though probably best to stick to ‘Outdoor Lighting’.  

Hybrid VAWT and Solar Lighting Systems come in a variety of configurations and monitoring attachments.
Components of a hybrid lighting system.
Example of 5-blade, H-shape VAWT

Carriageways | Carparks | Recreation | Environmental Safety Lighting

Applications of these hybrid solar and wind turbine lighting systems are enormous – especially around bayside areas. They increase public safety, security, are quick and simple to install, and minimise disruption in the process. The high cost of trenching and connection to the grid is completely eliminated.

They operate via remote programming with multiple configurations for safety, monitoring, motion-detection and operating duration.

Their high efficiency output is achieved through a permanent magnetic generator with long-life bearings ensuring no mechanical noise. An auto safety brake system is also incorporated in the unit.

This is simply smart lighting for all outdoor requirements, requiring no access to mains power.

VAWTs with supporting solar and a battery, operate independently with no cable runs or grid connections.
PV Turbine Lighting Battery Storage
VAWT lighting with supporting solar can be standalone with no interconnected trenching and cables.
Small VAWT lighting towers supported by solar and batteries are ideal to illuminate off-grid environments.
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