Warranty Types

About Warranties. They can be confusing so you must read them carefully. There are Product Warranties, Performance Warranties and Installation Warranties and Exclusions.

A Linear Performance Warranty on solar panels for example, is currently being promoted at 25-30 years though subject to specified annual performance degradation percentages. This differs with each panel manufacturer. Then there are myriad environment variables that can affect the performance, notwithstanding exponential advances in the technology itself by the end of that time duration!

A Product Performance Warranty may be from 10-15 years depending on how aggressive the particular panel manufacturer is for market share. Each will have their own exclusions to their warranties so it’s important to read and understand them thoroughly.

Installation/Installer Warranties can be a minefield. Reputable companies should be at the forefront here. Margins are becoming thin, so cost-cutting can impact the quality of the job – which may not become evident immediately. There are statutory consumer warranties in each state, so it is always wise to be aware of them.

Warranty Exclusions. You should ask to see these upfront to ensure you have the means to comply. For example, if your trees keep shedding heavy branches on the roof. Or your install is exposed to harsh southerly weather, flooding or wet conditions that may affect the operating equipment.


These warranty terms and conditions provide the following:

  • Information regarding the time period during which your products are covered by warranty and number of years for which you can claim warranty if your unit ceases to function correctly
  • Details on the type of faults that are covered by warranty and ones that are not
  • Procedures for the warranty claim process as well as the repair or replacement
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