Remote Control Systems

Local Remote Control Systems

About Remote Control Systems. Your residential or commercial virtual power plant system can be locally programmed and monitored to optimize peak power performance. This provides data collection and analysis, troubleshooting, power allocation to IOT devices, battery storage systems or sending excess power to the grid for payment of Feed In Tariffs (FITs) where applicable.

Depending on your type of PV solar panel installation, they can be assessed for shadowing, blockage and rectification to ensure sustainable yields.

Beneficial use and applications of these systems is largely dependent on the scale of your installation and your control management capability. Therefore, current industry focus is centred around commercial applications where dedicated personnel have the skills to manage the daily operation and intervene as necessary.

The future of Local Remote and Cloud-based Systems will enable management of your VPP installation from any location to ensure your system is operating at its maximum capacity. Renewable Energy management companies can measure energy output for daily requirements and purchase excess power generated from VPP owners to trade in the energy market.

Remote Data Control Systems

Remote monitoring will provide:

  • Data collection
  • Performance analysis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Energy allocation
  • Yield optimization
  • Remote debugging 

Cloud-based Monitoring Systems

Cloud-based monitoring has the added benefits of external energy resource management, optimisation, fault detection and maintenance. System Operators can remotely monitor and optimize array performance and redirect energy to system devices as required. They’ll protect against faults, system malfunctions and low energy yields. Or guard against the impact of shading and obstructions. And you will have access to technical assistance and remote support.

Cloud-based control systems are being evaluated by ATD Energy to ensure maximum commercial security, network compliance and Australian Government Regulatory Authority requirements.

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