Energy Storage Systems

Super Capacitor Energy Storage

Commercial & Industrial Hi-Density BESS

These state-of-the-art modular batteries operate as smart devices with their embedded intelligence and Battery Management Systems and can be operated via remote or local control monitoring. Security encryption prevents third-party theft or unwanted access. Batteries are optionally available as either LFE (Lithium Iron Phosphate) or NMC (Nickel Magnesium Cobolt) cell formats depending on customer energy requirements and operating conditions.

This range offers massive energy storage capacity and superior reliable performance. These batteries can be provided in optional chemistries, either as NMC (nickel manganese cobalt cells) or LFP (lithium iron phosphate cells). NMC batteries can be optimized for energy and power due to their high cycle life. LFP batteries have higher safety, lower density, lower cost, and operating voltage. In comparison to lead-acid type batteries, they are only 25% of the weight but five times the energy density. Additional benefits include energy security over installations and limiting third-party access through a wide array of encryption monitoring and defensive processes. Local and cloud-based monitoring of data provides optimal control over the BESS.

As smart devices, the BMS (Battery Management System) monitors and controls all functions through embedded intelligence in the batteries and via a remote management system, while integrated current limiting devices optimize battery charging and prevent dangerous over-charging of cells.

Product Features

  1. Cutting-edge technology and top-performing energy storage solution
  2. Modular architecture and scalable energy optimization system
  3. Embedded battery intelligence and remote operating and control
  4. Security encryption over the assets to prevent unauthorized access or theft
  5. Safety module monitoring of all states
  6. Integration with solar and wind turbines

Product Specifications

Contact ATD Energy for the appropriate Data Specifications sheet for your particular requirements.

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