Super Capacitor Energy Storage

Supercap EM Series Forklifts-24V5000-48V20000

Model Supercap EM Series Forklifts-24V5000-48V20000

Supercap EM Series Forklifts-24V5000-48V20000

Supercapacitor batteries improve the performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of forklifts, making them a popular choice for many businesses given their increase in productivity, consistent reliable power, reduced downtime, rapid recharging, non-toxicity, and environmentally recyclable.

Several major benefits for forklifts include:

  1. Faster charging: Can be charged much more quickly than traditional lead-acid batteries, which helps reduce downtime and increases productivity
  2. Longer lifespan: Much longer lasting than lead-acid batteries, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements, saving money over time
  3. Better performance: Provide more consistent and reliable power to the forklift, which can improve performance and productivity
  4. Lower maintenance: Require less maintenance than traditional lead-acid batteries, reducing the time and cost associated with maintaining the batteries
  5. Safer: They are less likely to leak or produce harmful gases
  6. More environmentally friendly: They are easier to recycle and do not contain toxic materials

Supercap ESS Series 

Graphene supercapacitor batteries are technologically superior in many ways. Their high C rate performance from 2C- 6C provides a large and rapid power input and output. They give improved stability and efficiency to grid auxiliary services such as smoothing new energy or frequency regulation with thousands of cycle times under heavy loads.

With no pollution emissions, long cycle life, no thermal runaway risk, and reduced operational maintenance costs, graphene supercapacitors are the safest technology. 

Product Features

Compared with other storage methods, supercapacitor batteries have major rapid charging advantages while maintaining reliability and durability. Rapid energy transfer provides an increase in productivity, longer life-span, reduced downtime, safe and environmentally friendly

These include:

    • graphene supercapactitor cells
    • smart monitoring
    • low self-discharge
    • a wide working temperature range
    • flexible and convenient system design
    • long cycle lifetime and service life
    • rapid charging
    • large discharge power
    • low maintenance
    • short-term power supply
    • high storage efficiency, stability, and safety
    • no thermal runaway
    • no environmental pollution
    • high power density, charge & discharge rates
    • energy efficiency
    • economic benefits through economies of scale

Product Specifications

Contact ATD Energy for Data Specifications sheets.

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