Super Capacitor Energy Storage

Supercap EM Series Golf Carts-ATV-AGV

Model Supercap EM Series Golf Carts-ATV-AGV

Supercap EM Series Golf Carts-ATV-AGV

48V3600 – 3.6KWh – 200A

48V4500 – 4.5KWh – 200A

48V6500 – 6.5KWh – 200A

48V8500 – 8.5KWh – 200A

Ideal for golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, automated guided vehicles, heavy machinery, suburban trucks, buses, and light vehicles.

Compared with other storage methods, supercapacitor batteries have major rapid charging advantages while maintaining reliability and durability.

These include:

  • graphene supercapactitor cells
  • smart monitoring
  • low self-discharge
  • a wide working temperature range
  • flexible and convenient system design
  • long cycle lifetime and service life
  • rapid charging
  • large discharge power
  • low maintenance
  • short-term power supply
  • high storage efficiency, stability, and safety
  • no thermal runaway
  • no environmental pollution
  • high power density, charge & discharge rates
  • energy efficiency
  • economic benefits through economies of scale

Supercap ESS Series 

Graphene supercapacitor batteries are technologically superior in many ways. Their high C rate performance from 2C- 6C provides a large and rapid power input and output. They give improved stability and efficiency to grid auxiliary services such as smoothing new energy or frequency regulation with thousands of cycle times under heavy loads.

With no pollution emissions, long cycle life, no thermal runaway risk, and reduced operational maintenance costs, graphene supercapacitors are the safest technology. 

Product Features

Benefits of Supercapacitor batteries for golf carts, ATVs and AGVs:

Faster charging: Supercapacitors can charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries, allowing golf carts to be ready for use in a much shorter amount of time.

Longer lifespan: They have far more cycles of charge and discharge with a much longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries.

Higher efficiency: Higher charge and discharge efficiency mean they can store and release more energy with less loss.

Improved performance: Supercapacitors can deliver bursts of power and acceleration quickly, which is beneficial for hilly regions.

Lightweight: Batteries are typically lighter than lead-acid batteries, which reduces the overall weight of the golf cart and improves maneuverability.

Better reliability: They are less prone to failure due to factors such as temperature changes and vibration.

Environmentally friendly: Supercapacitors do not contain toxic chemicals making them more environmentally friendly.

Product Specifications




Contact ATD Energy for the ATDE-EM-48V8500-G Data Specifications sheet.

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