Super Capacitor Energy Storage

Supercap Wall EM Series

Supercap Wall EM Series

48V5500 – 5.6KWh – 100A

48V8500 – 8.5KWh – 100A

48V10800 – 10.8KWh – 100A

48V14400 – 14.4KWh – 60A

48V15000 – 15.0KWh – 100A

48V15000 – 15.2KWh – 200A

Compared with other storage methods, supercapacitor batteries have major advantages while maintaining reliability and durability.

These include:

  • graphene supercapactitor cells
  • smart monitoring
  • low self-discharge
  • a wide working temperature range
  • flexible and convenient system design
  • long cycle lifetime and service life
  • rapid charging
  • large discharge power
  • low maintenance
  • short-term power supply
  • high storage efficiency, stability, and safety
  • no thermal runaway
  • no environmental pollution
  • high power density, charge & discharge rates
  • energy efficiency
  • economic benefits through economies of scale

Supercap ESS Series 

Graphene supercapacitor batteries are technologically superior in many ways. Their high C rate performance from 2C- 6C provides a large and rapid power input and output. They give improved stability and efficiency to grid auxiliary services such as smoothing new energy or frequency regulation with thousands of cycle times under heavy loads.

With no pollution emissions, long cycle life, no thermal runaway risk, and reduced operational maintenance costs, graphene supercapacitors are the safest technology. 

Product Features

  1. Specific benefits of wall-mounted supercapacitor energy storage systems vary depending on the design and application of systems in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.Some benefits of wall-mounted energy storage systems:Rapid charge/discharge: EV vehicles and charging stations

    Space-saving: Wall-mounted supercapacitor energy storage systems can help save space by being mounted on walls, freeing up valuable floor space.

    Easy installation: Systems are generally easier and faster to install than floor-mounted systems since there’s no need to lay down a foundation or construct additional support structures.

    Improved safety: Can be designed to minimize risk of exposure to electrical components, which can improve safety for maintenance personnel and other workers.

    More efficient cooling: Can optimize cooling and reduce the risk of overheating, to improve energy efficiency and extend the lifespan of the system.

    Lower maintenance costs: More accessible and easier to maintain, reducing maintenance costs over time.

    Customizable: Systems can be customized to fit specific spatial and energy requirements, making them versatile solutions for a range of energy storage needs.

Product Specifications







Alternatively, Contact ATD Energy for the appropriate Data Specifications sheet for your particular requirements.

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