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Sermatec 10kW Battery Inverter | 10kW Hybrid Inverter


This 10Kw hybrid inverter can support two different application scenarios, indoor and outdoor.

When the PV energy is sufficient, the inverter draws power from the PV to power the load, and the excess power is used to charge and return the battery to the grid. When the PV energy is insufficient and the battery energy is sufficient, the system automatically takes power from the battery to supply the load. When the battery energy is insufficient, the system takes power from the grid, supplies the load, and recharges the battery.

Sermatec 10kW Battery Inverter/10kW Hybrid Inverter

  • The nominal capacity of this hybrid inverter is 10KW
  • Battery voltage range is 200V-800V
  • Battery Max charging current is 25A
  • Battery Max discharging current is 25A
  • This hybrid inverter can support two AC outputs: AC output 10KVA, EPS output 10KVA

Product Features

Sermatec 10kW Battery Inverter/10kW Hybrid Inverter

One-Key Setting

  1. APP setting
  2. Automatic matching
  3. Multi-languages
  4. Self-diagnosis, maintenance-free

Simple Installation

  1. Operation manual & installation video
  2. Modularization Installation
  3. International standard cables


  1. Solar & High voltage battery compatible, various input sources
  2. Compatible with Lithium Ion & Lead-acid Batteries
  3. Solar, grid and generator accessed
  4. Multiple inverters in parallel
  5. On & off-grid mode switching time less than 10ms – can be used as UPS
  6. Single phase & three phases output for residential and commercial applications
  7. Flexible to add/retrofit more inverters or battery system.


  1. High efficiency at 99%
  2. Advanced tracking tech to improve efficiency of PV station
  3. High-precision MPPT control algorithm and INV algorithm enabling grid connection with high efficiency and energy conversion by itself.


  1. Self-protection Technology
  2. Wide voltage range and frequency input
  3. IP65 Protection
  4. Automatic air cooling
  5. Stable operation in high altitude, high temperature, high humidity environment
  6. Overload capacity


  1. Smart Management System enforces self-operation
  2. WIFI, CAN, RS485, USB (optional), GPRS (optional) Multiple monitoring modes

Product Specifications


PDF Manuals

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