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Sermatec 5kW Battery Inverter | 5kW Hybrid Inverter


With the development of the energy storage market, traditional grid-connected inverters have been unable to meet the needs of customers.

According to different application scenarios, there is a need for grid-connected functions, and there is a need for off-grid functions, especially in the home energy storage market. In the grid-connected and off-grid states, the inverter is required to provide power to the load.

This latest 5KW hybrid inverter is designed to match with high voltage batteries from 80V to 400V, wuth a maximum PV input capacity of 6,000W.

It also supports 2 MPPT trackers – Maximum Power Point Tracking – a technique commonly used with wind turbines and photovoltaic solar systems to maximize power extraction under all conditions.

Our Hybrid Inverters operate in many system configurations from residential to industrial installations. They integrate with PV panels, wind turbines, battery storage systems and control monitoring, to remotely manage your power efficiency.

The main function of these hybrid inverters is to realize and manage bidirectional energy transmission between AC grid energy, DC input and the energy of the battery storage system. As bidirectional converters, they can be adapted to various DC energy sources and storage units, as well as accept scheduling instructions.

​These intelligent new multi-mode inverters, or hybrids, future-proof your renewable energy systems. These new generation inverters capably manage mixed energy input from solar PV panels, wind turbines, batteries and the grid. With their AC and DC conversion coupling they also manage power supply to and drawing from battery storage systems and the grid.

Product Features

One-Key Setting

  1. APP setting
  2. Automatic matching
  3. Multi-languages
  4. Self-diagnosis, maintenance-free

Simple Installation

  1. Operation manual & installation video
  2. Modularization Installation
  3. lnternational standard cables


  1. Solar & High voltage battery compatible, various input sources
  2. Compatible with Lithium Ion & Lead-acid Batteries
  3. Solar, grid and generator accessed
  4. Multiple inverters in parallel
  5. On & off-grid mode switching time less than 10ms, can be used as UPS
  6. Single phase & three phase output for residential and commercial applications


  1. High efficiency at 99%
  2. Advanced tracking tech to improve effiency of PV station
  3. High-precision MPPT control algorithm and INV algorithm enabling grid connection with high efficiency and energy conversion by itself.


  1. Self-protection Technology
  2. Wide voltage and frequency input
  3. IP65 Protection
  4. Automatically air cooled
  5. Stable operation in high altitude, high temperature, high humidity environments


  1. Smart Management System enforces self-operation
  2. WIFI, CAN, RS485, USB (optional), GPRS (optional) Multiple monitoring modes

Product Specifications

PDF Manuals

ATD Energy Sermatec-5kw-hybrid-inverter

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